Oh,,, Happy Day!!!!

They say a picture is worth a Thousand Words…. Well, I believe it!!! I CAN NOT begin to describe how awesome yesterday was!! I’m just SO incredibly overwhelmed by God’s little miracles!! We’ve waited for 9 long mths… with some VERY scary events along the way.. but God delivered to us a HEALTHY 10lb. Baby Boy yesterday!!! Did you hear what I said… 10 pounds!!! Oh,!, & 21 inches long.. (which I guessed exactly!.. I just knew he would be long like daddy and momma) TEE HEE!! Both momma and baby are doing fine & so is Daddy-O.. we teased him something fierce about passing out… but He didn’t!! I am just sooo proud of these two… here they were in December when they announced their pregnancy…

I just knew they were going to be AWESOME parents.. cuz they are WONDERFUL at being Aunt Heddy and Uncle Bryan! Congratulations you two!!!!!!…. Okay, so when are we going to do this again….??.. I’m Ready!

Well, I guess next will be Aunt Meg??… (Matt’s little sis) I’m Ready when yall are! LOL!!

As for the testimony and me singing… It went Great!! I told Matt that I don’t think I’ve EVER been SO calm and not very nervous! It was The Peace of God.. I just know it!!! Thank you for your prayers for me and our little bunch! Each one of you mean so much!!

Here is a little something from me… I know it’s not much…. but it is from the heart… I love you all!



9 thoughts on “Oh,,, Happy Day!!!!”

  1. Woohoo! A very big congratulations to all of you!! 10 pounds? Wow! I am so happy your testimony and your singing all went well for you! Hey..I love the “I love my Aunt” tag on your collage. hee hee!

  2. today was a special day for me i started my first day at MGC. it is so overwhelming how different it is from high school. Anyways just wanted to drop by and say hey . tell mckenna and broughton i said hi and give them all a kiss for me . I didnt forget my Butterfly please giv her a hug and kiss for me and tell her that Brit-T loves her. love ya Brittany Katherine

  3. Congratulations! What a healthy boy! 10 lbs, whew!I’m glad that everything went well with your testimony.I haven’t heard about the hairbows yet, I’ll send Dawn an e-mail and see if she received them. She just got home with Lucy Joy who is a darling.I love how uplifting your are. You blog is a great way to start the day : )

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