Prayer Request & Finished projects…

First Prayer Request…..
My sister is having a C-section on Monday morning!! I am beyond excited!!! I think you are more anxious when you KNOW when your having the baby!! My poor sister.. everybody is spazing out & she’s the one having a baby!! :0)
Also, please remember Matt & I as we are giving our testimony Sunday night about Faith & I’m singing.. I’m a little nervous… but know that God is in control. Actually I think I’m more nervous about Heather (my sister)! … shhhh.. don’t tell her that! lol!

I got out the sewing machine yesterday and finished up some little projects that I had been meaning to do,…. What?.. y’all don’t have any of those?!

So I finally made the kids a travel pillow for the car & around the house. They love them. I didn’t make Faith one because she already has one. Aren’t they the cutest?

I also made my first burp cloth. I hope to sell these on my site soon! Now,… if only I had a monogramming machine… Oh.. Jill?!! lol! ;0) Jill’s my bud with the monogramming machine! TEE HEE!

Well, that’s all for now! Check back soon here or.. check out Heather’s new re-designed blog for pictures of baby Eli!!


6 thoughts on “Prayer Request & Finished projects…”

  1. You’re so smart, Keisha! I love the travel pillows! Can’t wait for an update on your sister’s baby! I’ll be praying for her! What fun!And I’ll pray for yall tomorrow night, I know the Lord will speak through you!

  2. hey…can you email me at home? my computer has gone crazy and I’ve lost your email. I haven’t had a chance to catch up on your posts…but I will soon!!Thanks,Buffi

  3. cute burp cloths! i would love to monogram them…….don’t ya think God is calling y’all to Mississippi!LOLi totally need to call you! i miss ya! love,Jilli know you are going to be super busy being a new aunt so send me an e-mail of a good time to call after all the excitement gets back to normal!

  4. Keisha, you of all people should NOT be nervous about singing or giving your testimony. video and put it on your blog! I do miss hearing you sing too, girl! What are you singing?? That blog of your sis’ is TOO cute! I can’t wait to see pics. So, now I need to get out my machine and sew pillows for our trip in Sept. too!

  5. How exciting..Monday is the big day! I will keep Heather in my prayers as well as you guys and your testimony!The pillows turned out great!Have a wonderful week…I know it will be an exciting one! : )

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