Word for the day….


The practice of too frequently using the word I; hence, a speaking or writing overmuch of one’s self; self-exaltation; self-praise; the act or practice of magnifying one’s self or parading one’s own doings. The word is also used in the sense of egoism.

Syn: Egotism, Self-conceit, Vanity, Egoism. Self-conceit is an overweening opinion of one’s talents, capacity, attractions, etc.; egotism is the acting out of self-conceit, or self-importance, in words and exterior conduct; vanity is inflation of mind arising from the idea of being thought highly of by others. It shows itself by its eagerness to catch the notice of others. Egoism is a state in which the feelings are concentrated on one’s self. Its expression is egotism.
Source: Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

I know.. I know.. EVERYBODY has seen or heard about P*aris Hilton’s video clip. Yes, it’s funny but, SAD. Sad really in the fact of her egotism & vanity. And, we find it Funny! No.. I’m not endorsing anybody.. But Jesus, & he doesn’t need my endorsement at all!
I was just thinking how much GOOD she could be capable of & how she’s not doing any GOOD at all. She could be raising money for the poor and needy… making a video about that instead of glorifying herself….& look how many people would listen.. because its her. It’s all about Paris! But what’s even sadder… nobody would want to watch her talk about dying children in China or feeding hungry children in Africa or HERE in the US! What is this world coming to?

………. ~sigh~………….


5 thoughts on “Word for the day….”

  1. I must be really out of it…cause I have NO CLUE what video of Paris you’re talking about. I am SO sorry! I don’t hardly ever get to watch anything for myself…unless it’s Fox news after 10pm. BUT…I can imagine anything by Paris Hilton being quite “sad”. Good to hear from you though! Been missing you!!! Have a great week. Sophie started back to school today, sigh. We’ve gotta start getting up early again!!! 🙂 Talk soon!Love ya,Buffi

  2. We were just talking about her new ad this morning.I do wish that more people were in touch with what is happening in the world, verses just the country they live in.We all need to be world citizens and do what we can to help those who need it.

  3. I haven’t see this commercial either….but it does sound like “said” persons are missing what’s really important!ooooo..I love your new blogs!!! You are one very talented gal!!!Keep creating those pretties!!!Blessings,Denise

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