SALE!!!! SALE!! & some NEW Products!

It’s a SALE!

Right now I will be giving a 10% discount to ALL of my Blog Buddies when you shop @ my hairbow website! If you are reading this & would like some new bows for your little darling then click below to receive your discount & start SHOPPING!

Below is a peak at some new bows I have in stock! The Ladybug set is soo cute! It comes on a no slip alligator clip. That’s RIGHT….. “NO SLIP”.. I found the secret folks!! Also the new Mallory Bow was inspired by this little cutie! She always had these HUGE bows in her hair & I thought they were SOO Adorable! SO I ordered the 2 1/4 inch wide ribbon and created my own & named it after Mallory! Thanks Mallory for your inspiration!!! These are available in Black too!

So click on the link above and have a look around! Be sure to use the link otherwise the discount will not apply! This sale will go until Aug. 1, 2008! So take advantage of it friends!! I love you guys!


6 thoughts on “SALE!!!! SALE!! & some NEW Products!”

  1. Miss Mallory and I are extremely honored that you would name a bow after her. I LOVE it! Girl, you know we southerners like our bows BIG!!! LOL. Hope you sell MANY!!!!!

  2. Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Why did I have to have a budget meeting with Rob right before I check your blog!!!!!!!! Okay, maybe next pay period? 😉You really are very talented Keisha! I’ve missed your blog, girl. Glad to catch up with you and I love your Calloway pics…we love that place!

  3. Keisha, you are one talented girl!!! Love these gorgeous BIG bows! When Chelsi was small…..she ALWAYS had a BIG bow in her hair as well! I hope you sell tons of them…and I have to tell you …I love Miss Mallory’s bows too….I just love seeing Adele’s pictures!!!Blessings, my friend!Denisep.s. Thank you for the sweet anniversary wishes for my Mama and Daddy!!!They read my blog…and are very touched by everyone’s sweet sentiments!!!

  4. Ok, I am going to go and check them out.I too am inspired by Mallory’s hairbows. I was just commenting to Adele about them the other day. My girl is definitely going to have some BIG hairbows when she comes home.

  5. Girl…you are SO talented!!! I wish I hadn’t saved all of Sophie’s bows from when she was little!!! UGH….I would LOVE to get some!! They are awesome!! Have a great weekend!Love,Buffi

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