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All the talk about blogs going private…

Recently I’ve seen a lot a Great blogs go private due to unwanted comments that were just plain RUDE! Sadly one of my really good buddies had to go private & I completely support her in her decision to do so. When God tells you to do something.. do it!

I know WE live in a world of RUDE people!! And, REALLY there should be some kind of “blog ethics” code or something!! Like, how rude is it when you walk down the street and you pass by someone & smile and they IGNORE you! Or better yet.. you speak to them only for them NOT to respond! Does this annoy anyone but me? Okay, I’ve been around blog hopping before and left comments.. some .. people.. NEVER respond to me.. I guess they must think I’m some kind of weirdo or something! ?? Sometimes it really bothers me! I must admit it!! Come on… don’t ACT like it doesn’t bother YOU when someone doesn’t leave you a comment but you see where they leave comments else where!!! WE are HUMAN people! We (including you) have these feelings.. otherwise.. your blog would be a completely Private (only viewable for your eyes only) blog!
But, frankly there isn’t much we can do.. when people just don’t want to be apart of our blogs and share in our joys, pain, & many friendships. I’ve learned to accept it and move along. I would like to offer a few suggestions before you consider to go private. Blogger offers some really great ways to hopefully stop or cut down on those nasty comments.

1)No ANONYMOUS comments.
-after signing into blogger, go to Customize,which is located next to “new post”.
-under customize, click tab “Settings”
-under settings, click tab “comments”
Here you can even turn your comments off, you can hide them.. so others can’t see them, or what I suggest is …….Do not allow anonymous comments.
– Beside the question: Who can comment? click beside (only users with Google Accounts).
This way.. only people with Google accounts can comment on your blog. Now, there are those people.. who decide to NOT post their emails so you can’t track them down. But there are other ways to maybe prevent.

2) Moderate your comments!
Here’s a link that will explain for me. By moderating your comments.. YOU are in control of WHO comments on your blog. If it’s nasty.. toss it! Reject it! There’s something about hitting that “REJECT” button that feels GOOD to a nasty or freaky comment! Believe me! lol! I mean.. think of it .. like that ANNOYING Spam email we ALL get!

3) Beef-up your word verification!
this way everyone who leaves a comment has to enter in a long or short (which ever you choose) security code before posting. But, sadly there are those desperate jealous people who WILL even go that measure to leave a spineless comment.
But, what can I say.. that’s where “comment moderation” comes in.. where you can reject it.

I know that these tips may not keep those rude bloggers out there away.. actually I don’t like to call them bloggers.. ….they …. are…. just… plain and simple “opinionated trouble makers” who have found a new way to be mean.. without revealing their identity.
Sad.. …. really…..

It just bothers me Because WE have a right to share and witness to others using our blogs!! I can not TELL you how many times I have blogged about something.. only for someone to come along and say.. “Wow.. God spoke to me thru that post”.. & for that.. HEY!!!!!… bring on the rude comments. I’ll just put my big girl undies on.. take it and kindly “REJECT” it! lol!!!!
This is my little part of blog world.. I can do that! ;0)


9 thoughts on “All the talk about blogs going private…”

  1. Ha ha…you are cracking me up. I do most of those things..I used to do comment moderation but got tired of my email getting the comment twice. I check my email enough where I could catch one I think. People need a life. We are all here to support each other and not tear each other down. The road we are all on is hard enough w/o that. LOVE the nature shots btw : )

  2. you are so right!! It just erks me that people do such rude things. I have even considered going private…but I SO enjoy connecting with others through blogging…and I don’t feel that if I went private I would do that. I have met some amazing people through this and I would like to continue to. thanks for your honesty!! I LOVE it!!! I hope we get to meet someday too!!!Love ya,Buffip.s. HEY….we’re going through Georgia on our way to Disney World in October. Maybe we can stop at an exit close to you guys and meet!!?!?! It would be very brief…but HEY…we’d AT LEAST have our pictures together!! (hee hee)

  3. You go girl!! Summer time has been crazy for me and I don’t have tons of time like I do during the school year with 4 kiddos at home 24/7, but I do try to sneak over as much as possible an leave a comment here and there. 🙂Hugs,Ohilda

  4. Girl, you are so funny. You crack me up! You are so right about everything you said. HEEHEE.Okay, I can hardly wait to see the “Mallory Bow”. Wow, she’s famous. LOL!Have a great day today.

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