Every Family Tree has a few nuts..or..two..or three!

Meet My Aunt!! She is HILARIOUS!!! I love her! You can tell from the picture that she keeps us in stitches! She went on vacation recently and sent me some pics!! Thanks Aunt Sherry, now blogger land can enjoy your CRAZY self!!!

& speaking of nuts.. the girls were quiet the other day & they came in the living room looking like this..

is that not funny!! I ran for the camera.. & NO, we did NOT wear these out in public!!



10 thoughts on “Every Family Tree has a few nuts..or..two..or three!”

  1. yep…gotta watch it when they are quiet, don’t we? Well…those moments make for GREAT memories. Faith reminds me so much of Sadie!! They look a lot alike!!!Have a great weekend!Love ya,Buffi

  2. Looks like Faith and McKenna may just follow in their great Aunt Sherry’s footsteps in the silliness! I love it! A family that laughs a lot is a very healthy family! 😉Keisha thank you so much for praying for Adrienne!

  3. I love it!!! Reminds me of last night here at our house….My hubby was steeping outside to get something out of his jeep…and it had been raining…so he put on Chelsi’s SILVER flip flops and proceeded to go outside wearing them…… which I said. …”You know if I had a camera close by…I’d be blogging you wearing Chelsi’s metallic flip flops!” Hee-hee…your girls are precious..and your aunt is hilarious!!!Thanks for sharing!!!Hugs!

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