Summer Fun!


9 thoughts on “Summer Fun!”

  1. cute…cute pics!! How’s the Wii?!?! Are you lovin’ it OR WHAT?!?!?! I’m going to try and do 30 minutes tonight to get my daily exercise in!!! 🙂 Notice I said…”TRY”….We’ll see!!! (hee hee) Have a great week!Buffi

  2. Keisha, That comment under ANNA is from me. I was in her account this morning and forgot to log out. 🙂 Everyone’s blog that I commented on this morning was under her name! We’ve had a good laugh about it.~Lynn(the “real” one!)

  3. ~ YES! I am enjoying the Wii.. when I get to play!! lol!~ & these pictures where taken at Splash in the Boro. It’s located in Statesboro GA. It’s only $7.50 to get in. It was soo much fun! WE HAD a BLAST!! It’s only an hour away. Amy, maybe we can go someday! Let me know!

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