I’m Back!

We had an Awesome time at Black Mtn. There were a few struggles during the week but, nothing that God couldn’t handle. Oh… Oh.. & guess what?… God anwsered my prayer!! On the second day of beinging at camp, we had a couple come up to us and wanted to know more about adoption. They too are wanting to adopt from China! Isn’t God Great?! Yep!! Yes.. Yes He is!!
On the way home we decided to take the scenic route back home & visit some places in North Ga. We have always heard about The Dillard House in Dillard Ga. which has won a few awards over the years and recently won #1 Family Restaurant of year from Southern Living magazine. So we stopped there and had a nice lunch. I ATE.. OH YEAH.. I ATE …. B-I-G TIME Y’ALL! It was sooo soooo good. If you’re ever in the area…. you’ve gotta check it out!!! Trust me.. you Won’t regret it!!

After lunch we headed to Cleveland! Georgia…. that is! What’s in Cleveland you ask? Well… it’s the home of the Cabbage Patch Kids!! I have ALWAYS wanted to go there and visit, even as a little girl. As we pulled in … I Honestly had butterflies in my stomach!! lol!! I was soo excited! It was also a delight to see the girls watching a live Cabbage Birth! If you have $170 to $200 dollars you can buy your own baby and watch it being born by Mother Cabbage. It’s really neat… but, we have 2 girls and we Do Not have $340 to spend on a stuffed baby doll! lol!

It’s A Girl!!

We did however buy 2 babies.. one Chinese for Faith ;0) and one little blonde haired for McKenna. It was so cute! We got clothes for them and everything. Broughton could care less, lucky for him they had a nerf cross-bow for sale. He grabbed it up first thing and was ready to go! Boys~ gotta love em’ they are SO easy to please! ;0)

We spent the night in Dahlonega. We wanted to go pan for GOLD!!! The kids had a blast!! We first went on an old mine tour. It was pretty freaky.. I felt like I was in the Indiana Jones movie. McKenna cried as we went down further into the cave… I told her to suck it up cuz, I wasn’t about to go back up to the top by myself!! I’m such a sweet momma like that! lol! She got better.. once we stopped ourselves from saying things like.. “freaky”, “spooky”,… and Indiana Jones movie.. LOL! It was really funny. After finishing the tour we panned for Gold & went gemmng! Here are a few pic’s from our day!

Hope everyone had a fantastic week! I’ve got a lot of blogging to catch up on! ;0) Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words.. you guys are so sweet! I missed you all!

Have a Great Week!


7 thoughts on “I’m Back!”

  1. Sounds like you guys had so much fun!!!! I can’t wait to hit the road in less than a month! I’m sure glad you’re back. Kept checking for updates and coming up empty handed.Missed ya, girl!Ohilda

  2. OH what a fun trip !!!! Great pictures…I love your collages!SO glad you got the opportunity to share your “Adoption Love Story” with someone! God is so good that way!!!Hugs!Denise

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