Our Baby Faith

3 years ago…

3 years ago we where at an FCA camp @ Black Mtn. We had already been “Told” by God that we were adopting.. however, we had NO clue WHERE we would be adopting from. Neither of us felt called to a local adoption so we Knew it was going to be Internationally. So we began searching our hearts and praying. When we went to the camp there was this 1 BEAUTIFUL little Chinese girl who was just a Doll. Later, we met her parents.. it was the Cottons! (I don’t have their blog addy on this new computer..) They are an Awesome couple! They shared with us the condition of the abandon children in China & I…ashamed to say.. I had NEVER heard or read about a “one child policy”! Isn’t that horrible? Anyway, as they began to share their testimony to us.. God began Pricking our hearts! And.. HE spoke to Matt & I CLEARLY that China was where we were to adopt from! It was Great!! As we come back home from that trip .. the Internet searching and looking began.. & in Sept.. God introduced us to another AWESOME couple who told us about our adoption agency and which ultimately led us to our baby Faith!!

Now.. 3 years later we are going back to that same camp where God revealed to us his purpose & plan for adopting & we have Faith with us!!! God is FAITHFUL, God is TRUE, God is AWESOME!!! I….WE are so Blessed & I can never thank him enough for giving us our 3 beautiful gifts… but, hopefully by instilling in them Godly character & Truths by His word..We will make Him proud! Thank you Sweet Jesus for your blessings!!!.. And.. your PRECIOUS timing.. IT IS ALWAYS PERFECT!!

Incidentally too, The same area the Cotton’s were working in at the Camp…we are doing the same thing!! How COOL is that.. SO.. HERE is my prayer God…….

“Lord, send me somebody… who you have called to adopt. Help Matt & I be a witness & a testimony to YOUR Faithfulness Lord!!!… May we be encouraging and uplifting like sooo many other families have been to us down the path of adoption.. & ALWAYS giving YOU the GLORY, HONOR & PRAISE!!!!!!!!!”

I’ll keep you filled in on this……I just feel it coming.. so.. Stay tuned!!!!!
Love to all!!


7 thoughts on “3 years ago…”

  1. He will!!! I beleive He will DEFINITELY send someone your way!! God is so good! I cannot wait to hear the testimony of what He does!!! have a great time!!!Love ya,Buffi

  2. Oh, I hope you have a wonderful precious time…I just know you will….I cannot wait to hear all about what God does! I just love to sit back and watch HIM!Oooooo!!!! I have “Jesus Bumps” right now!!! (that is what we call chill bumps at our house..when they come from just knowing God is in something!!!)Many sweet blessings to you!!!Love,DeniseP.s. OH those Cotton’s are fabulous people!!! I just love ’em!!! I truly believe she and I are soul sisters! *wink*!!!

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