Not this WEEK!

Okay, sorry to say.. but it doesn’t look like Menu Plan Monday is gonna happen! LOL!
We’ve been busy, busy..& I feel like this

busyThank goodness I don’t “look” like this! TEE HEE!

I was reminded today that TODAY A YEAR AGO.. Matt & I were on a plane.. with butterflies in our stomachs headed to CHINA to get Faith! Man,,,… Where does the time go? Seems like yesterday! Well gotta go…. children are into something…….they’re too quiet!

((HUGS)) to all.. & Have a great Day!

ps.. some of you wanted to know my REAL b-day …. It’s The 21st!! First day of summer and longest day of the year… yep.. that’s my day!!


5 thoughts on “Not this WEEK!”

  1. Well I DO look like that woman…only I wish I had four arms! 😉Happy early birthday Keisha! I love the 21st of June…that is Carlie’s spiritual birthday. She prayed to receive Christ on that day and I will ALWAYS remember it! Now I will remember it’s special for another reason too…my friend Keisha!Have fun on your trip!

  2. Happy B’day Keisha!! What a great day to have one…the longest day of the year!! How cool!!! I’ll be thinking about you on the 21st when I am wanting the sun to go down so my kiddos can GO TO SLEEP!!! 🙂 Have a great week!Love ya,Buffi

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