A wonderful Weekend!

On Saturday we traveled to see my family and spent the night. It was great to see everybody and to be with my father & Pa on Father’s Day was special! I am very fortunate to have them both in my life! While we were their my fam decided to celebrate my B-day. I always LOVE Early B-day surprises!! ;0) We will be gone for my Birthday to Black Mtn. @ an FCA camp! The KIDS can NOT WAIT!! They love it!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend.

Prayer Request & Praise!

*Please drop in a prayer or word of encouragement to my sweet friend Lynn. Her father passed away this weekend! So sorry Lynn.. I’m praying for you during your loss.

*Please check out my new friend Alicia’s site.. they’re in China and received their new addition Emelia to the family. God is Good! Matt & I met her little girl a year ago in China… although we didn’t know Alicia at the time & she had not met Emelia yet either.. I recognized her referral photo from a friends site & had the privilege of meeting Alicia.. well over the phone.. LOL! But, one day hopefully we’ll get to meet!! Congrats to y’all!!

Hope everyone has a Blessed Week!!

ps.. menu plan Monday… is hopefully coming soon… as soon as nap time comes! lol!


11 thoughts on “A wonderful Weekend!”

  1. What a great b’day and Father’s Day!!! Love the pics!!! Glad your weekend was so good!! I look forward to seeing what your meal plans are for the week. I ALWAYS need ideas!!! have a great nap!Buffi

  2. Keisha,Thanks for the sweet comment you left me! I appreciate the prayers and support!I am happy that you had a nice week-end and were able to have an early b-day celebration!

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