Our Baby Faith


Pull ups

Yep! We ran out yesterday.. & I refussed to buy anymore!! Faith was semi-potty trained when we got her.. she just didn’t know how to tell us. We didn’t make her, we figured she had enough adjusting to do without making potty too! If I had it to do all over again.. we would have stuck with it!! By us letting her “choose” when to “GO”….we created a LAZY Gal! Some days she’s RIGHT On.. Others….she doen’t care if she wears a wet “pull-ups” . It doesn’t bother her. But, now panties.. that’s a little different.. she doesn’t like it as much! So, we bought her new cute little panties.. they are So tiny! ;0) It’s soo cute!

I also started giving her a gummy bear for everytime she goes to the potty and tells me! I put the candy jar (up high) in her roon! She is a HUGE candy eater…so maybe this will work! Y’all keep your fingers crossed!

Hope everyone had an Awesome weekend!


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