Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

This is my first time participating in Orgjunkie’s Menu Plan Monday. However, it’s not the first time that I have menu planned for the week. I learned it from Amy, my good friend over at FOXyMa. She taught me Menu Planning & how it really frees you up and you don’t have to sit & THINK about what your having at night for supper! Thanks Amy!! It’s really Great but, it does take effort to sit down.. gather recipes and make a plan. When I do use this method.. it seems that my family is much happier,.. as long as I use “kid-friendly” recipes! ;0) So..without further a-do.. here’s my menu for this week. YAY!! I included lunch too, because.. all the kids are home & I don’t want them to have a ham sammy & chicken nuggets everyday!

Lunch- Ham N’ Cheese Roll-ups, cheese puffs(alot planning going on!), & fruit.
Dinner- Sweet & Sour Pork, Rice, & Fresh Green Beans

Lunch-Salmon Patties, fries, cheesy grits
Dinner-Chicken Stir Fry, Rice, Stir fry Veggies, Mandarin oranges

Lunch-Mini-Meat loaves with cheese topping, mashed potatoes, green beans
Dinner-Corn dogs, chips..(it’s church night) hurry,,hurry,,hurry

Lunch- Chicken Caesar Sandwiches, chips, fruit salad
Dinner-Bacon Cheeseburger Roll-ups

Lunch- PB& J, chips, fruit
Dinner- Grilled Chicken, potato salad, baked beans, & garlic bread


Lunch- Pot Roast with veggies, rice, peas, fresh stewed squash, Frozen Lemonade Pies.

I found two new helpful sites that I love. First is Recipezaar! It’s great! It has thousands of different recipe’s and it can even make a grocery list for you! The next one is .
This site has many Easy recipes that are Kid friendly. My kids are I’m sure like all the rest.. they love the basics… chicken tenders, spaghetti, tacos…etc. I like to try things new.. so this may be a little challenge .. trying to find something they can enjoy as much as Matt & I! A couple of weeks ago.. I tried a Tuna Noddle Casserole. Oh.. my, I loved it.. but the children however,.. said.. Momma.. it’s okay. I don’t want to make something that’s okay for them.. I want them to say WOW, I love it! kidda like B-man did when he had that fried tater sandwich Sat. LOL! Very healthy people, very healthy!!
okay.. so.. leave me some comments.. got any fab recipes you can share that kids love.. or maybe a website I need to try!!!!
Don’t be shy now!! 😉


9 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. I forgot to add that I make bacon cheeseburger roll-ups all the time. I cut them then flash freeze and put in a ziploc bag. The kids then microwave them when they want a snack. They are SO good dipped in ketchup and mustard!~Lynn

  2. AWESOME!!! I SO need to sit down and do this. Cooking is my weak link in being a mom. I just don’t enjoy being in the kitchen. I can’t ever think of stuff to do and I get SOOOOOO tired of the same old thing!! Your menu looks great!! I have got to grocery shop soon. Hopefully I can do something similar!!! Have a great week!Buffi

  3. KEISHA, great minds DO think alike! 😉Except, hello? Your meal plan Monday ROCKS!I am going to get the kiddos to check out and find some recipes. I think Lucky Charms, hot dogs, and sandwiches might get old by August.Hey, congrats on the big girl panties! I mean for Faith! 😉

  4. Woohoo! You are doing great! Your meals for lunch put me to shame, though. Can I live with you?? Way to go mom! I love doing this though, because it saves time and money at the store and at home.I love the Sat. post – kitchen closed!

  5. This looks great! I have read so many blogs that do this menu plan Monday and love it. I need to sit down and try it. I bet it would make my life alot easier too. Do you ever check out Pioneer Woman’s recipes. She has some great ones. I discovered her through some recipes that Lynn had on her blog.Sorry about the coffee maker. Did you make it to Good Will or Walmart?

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