Meet one of my best buds today… Powerade! I’ll save you all the details..

I hate it when I get sick and miss something that the kids are doing! I don’t understand how one can be fine ALL week long of VBS and then on the night of the ceremony.. I get sick!! Yep, I’m Really Bummed & Yes… I’m throwing myself a pity party…I think I’ll go buy a movie on Dish!
I want a hamburger so bad… it’s bad when ya sick and hungry!


2 thoughts on “Bummed!”

  1. Keisha,I’m SO sorry you’re sick. What a bummer. But…I ALWAYS CRAVE a big cheese burger when I’m sick like that. Isn’t it funny. Most people can’t eat when they’re throwing up. That’s all I want to do…but it’s usually a cheese burger that I crave. Not just any cheese burger…one of those awesome big ones!! 🙂I hope you feel better soon. SO sorry that you had to miss VBS graduation.Love ya,Buffi

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