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Been in a Fix lately?

ATTENTION ALL ANIMAL RIGHTS SUPPORTERS!!! Before I get any hate mail… please know that I did not do this to my dog… she did it to herself! If you would like to come and stay at my house with 3 small kids and 2 inside dogs.. BE my Guest.. Make My Day!
And YES, after taking the picture.. I released her from her fix! ;0)

This DOG…is in to EVERYTHING!!! Toilet paper torn and scattered down the hall…..my poor magazine rack……..EVERY Croc shoe in da house has tiny holes in them where she bites them…… In fact.. Matt’s favorite pair of Croc flops..she chewed straight thru the thong.. ;)……..McKenna’s brand new flops that had cute little dangling beads on them…. well, ‘they don’t have dangling beads on them anymore! And for Heaven’s sake.. I certainly DO NOT leave ANY trash bag sitting waiting to be carried out… UHGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, when I came into the kitchen this morning.. I got a laugh & just wanted to share it with you gals! Apparently she pulled this bag down & then got in an awful way… I thought it was hilarious!!!

Oh yeah, I got a question…?? Can everybody see my side paper on the blog? Yesterday when I was on our desktop computer.. (which it does have a big screen) I couldn’t see the side paper at all! I created all this on my laptop.. so, apperently.. things look different. Does anybody else have trouble viewing this?


3 thoughts on “Been in a Fix lately?”

  1. No problem seeing the side paper, here! Your dog is too cute. Do you know where we can get one…seriously RObby wants a dachsund for his birthday in July.

  2. Had to catch up on my readin’ here!Love your last few posts (and your silly dog made me laugh!). I have ALWAYS wanted a dachsund, and name him ‘Weeney’, ever since I was a teenager. Hubby can’t stand small dogs……..we’ll see tho’!;o)Blessings ~

  3. Hey girl…I can see the side paper but I have to scroll to the right to see it in full!!Dogs just CRACK ME UP!!! I LOVE UM!! We have a miniature schnauzer and she is awesome!! REally the best little dog we’ve ever had. She isn’t a puppy anymore so doesn’t get into too much. Every once in a while she’ll go trash divin’ and I could just wring her neck!! But, other than that…she’s pretty good!! That was SO funny what your puppy did!! Glad you got pics!! Hey..Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend!!Love,Buffi

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