Just for fun

Let the fun begin!

No, I can’t keep a secret & Yes, my little sister got it right.(cheater).. We got a pool. Not a Big pool just a little one for the summer. It’s just right for the kids and they love it!
~sigh~….Just preparing Matt for the in ground one… coming soon.. ;0)………… If he were standing behind me right now … he would probably type..”LOL” .. wait.. make that “ROTFL”!!


3 thoughts on “Let the fun begin!”

  1. ooh!!! Looks like SO much fun!! You guys will have a great time this summer!! i can’t believe how long Faith’s hair looks. It is SO cute!!! Looks like we’re going to need these water things this summer with the heat!! I’m SO glad we’ve got them!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!Love ya,Buffi

  2. Great pictures!!! You guys are going to have such wonderful fun with your new pool!!! Can’t wait to see more pics!!!Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!Hugs!!!

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