Mother’s Day Program!!

My son and his class performed a Mother’s Day program for all Mothers, Grandmothers, and caretakers yesterday. It was the most PRECIOUS thing ever!

As I looked at him on the stage.., it was hard to believe my little man is about to graduate from 1st grade!! ~sigh~

I can remember back….
after a day back home.. I was sitting in my HOT bath one night… and I was just CRYING!! I thought… Lord, I’ve got to get it together!! I was just overcome… by the fact that he was GROWING too fast already.. EVERY minute.. EVERY day… he was getting bigger.. older…. & I wanted him to stay .. “my little infant” that I could cuddle, hold, smell that sweet smell….
I was really saddened!! (I know that sounds crazy! lol)

One day, I saw one of my co-workers from school. A dear Sweet lady.. who had 3 grown boys herself. I was sharing with her about my feelings.. & she said, oh but Keisha!! Everyday, Every year.. is a NEW adventure with your babies!! As they grow older they will do many fun and memorable things that you will come to treasure as well!! Don’t feel that way… be excited for each new passing day!!

I changed my perspective as a Mother… & I look forward to each new adventure with my little darlings!!! I’m also reminded of Dorie from the hit movie “Finding Nemo”. Nemo’s dad.. didn’t want him to do anything.. he was just scared for him… and Dorie (crazy as she was ;0) ) said.. You can’t keep anything from happening to him….. or nothing will ever happen to him!

As much as we would like to protect our kids.. our babies.. we have to let things happen… going to school, meeting friends…. making choices… We are to teach them the ways of God, that is our responsibility!

Here are a few pictures from the program.. hope you enjoy.. &

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Matt’s Mom

My parents

What..??? you didn’t think I wouldn’t post my other 2 “Pride & Joys”.. did you?

Is she not .. a Matt looking thang or what?? lol!

I think Faith looks like ME!! ;0)


9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Program!!”

  1. Keisha…thanks for that post!! I LOVE Finding Nemo. It really speaks to me. Marlin….Nemo’s dad is a lot like me. My brother got killed when he was 17…I was 21. Since I’ve had kids, I have dealt more with his death and trusting God than ever before. It is SO hard to let them go and experience things. I just don’t want anythign to happen to them. But, like Dory said…If they don’t ever do anything…then nothing will ever happen. I sure don’t want them to live their lives like that. Sophie’s class is going to the Nashville zoo next week and I have the HARDEST time letting her go. I mean…why in they world can’t they do something here…instead of 3 hours away AND out of state!! Anyway…your post is a good reminder for me!! Thanks SO much!! Hope you have a Wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!!Love ya,Buffi

  2. Looks like we both got to cheer our kidlets on! I know what you mean about wishing they would stay little but I love what your friend had to say. It is funny I find myself saying “this is my favorite age” all the time…I think whatever age your child is that is how you feel. It just keeps getting better : )

  3. Keisha, I know what you mean girl! I bawled at my son’s 1st birthday 9.5 years ago. They do grow up so fast. I guess the good news is that since we have more than one child, there is a VERY good probability of grandkids!! I love babies too!~Rebecca

  4. Hello Keisha! SO very nice to meet you!!! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such sweet thoughts for me!I have enjoyed reading through your precious posts…your family is just beautiful and you are one blessed Mommy! I would love to add you to my sidebar…if that would be ok??? I look forward to coming here quite often!!!I pray your Mother’s Day is one full of God’s sweet blessings!Take care my new friend!Denise

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