Just Plain Ole’ Fun Times!

We had an AWESOME road trip this past weekend! We traveled to Alabama to spend some time with family and go to this event. (Which was Great.) We also had the opportunity to meet some wonderful adoptive/blogger families. It was a Blessing meeting the Ragland’s and the Ferrill’s. Hope you enjoy the pictures! We really had Fun!!

Stephanie & Greg & Lanie,
We really had fun spending time with you guys! Thanks for taking the time to meet with us! We hope to come again really soon. Greg.. Matt wants a camper now.. Thanks! lol!


7 thoughts on “Just Plain Ole’ Fun Times!”

  1. I SO wanted to cme and meet you guys. I’m glad yall had fun. Your haircut looks AWESOME!!! Glad to see all the great pics too!!! Welcome back to blogger land!!!Love ya,Buffi

  2. Keisha I love the collages! I need to know how to do that! 😉We had SO much fun meeting your sweet family! What a blessing! Kimmie says she really wants another chance and she promises she’ll dry it up! 😉 Oh that cracks me up! SO glad you got to see the REAL Ferrill’s in action at Milo’s!Tell Holly hello!

  3. Keisha! Can I tell you again, how STINKING CUTE YOUR HAIR IS????Love it.I’m jealous you got to meet my cutie-pie, one-time-secret-pal friend, Steph! What a fun trip, and what fun families!Blessings ~

  4. Keisha! We soooo enjoyed playing with y’all!!! Greg says he is looking into some parks close to y’all so we can go camping and visit. I hope we aren’t like the family on The Griswold’s Christmas Vacation! LOL!HG misses McKenna and Faith. She saw their pictures and said,”I want play with them!”Take care!Steph

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