This is my first cousin Tyler and his girlfriend Katlyn!
Tyler is in college and Katlyn is a Senior in HS. Aren’t they Cutest!! Our Ty is a very musically Talented young man… he didn’t have a choice with a Momma and Daddy like his… “Very musically Talented” We Are soo proud of Tyler! He’s such a sweet little man! And, Katlyn you are a sweetie too, Girlfriend!!!! We love you both!!!

When my Aunt sent this to me … I couldn’t get over how much Broughton looks like Tyler!
ANYWHO, I just had to brag… seeing how… the next Prom picture I put up… will probably be of B-man! Geesh! Will I still be blogging then…. HUM………………
ps.. I’m getting sooo old… Tyler, I remember when I used to laugh at you playing T-Ball!!!

6 thoughts on “Prom!”

  1. Wow…what a BEAUTIFUL couple!!! Love the pic!! It’s wild looking at kids all grown up, isn’t it?!?! YEA KEISHA…you’re gettin’ old!! 🙂 (Not talkin about me AT ALL!!) Have a fantastic week girl!!! Talk to you soon.Love ya,Buffi

  2. Broughton does favor him!Btw, did you read any books on attachment disorder before you adopted Faith? If so, can you give me some titles to look up?

  3. Hey mrs. Keisha and the Walker Clan,How is everything going with you ? me just getting ready for GRADUATION!! Not long to go NOW. Be really busy lately. I was looking at your blog and thought hey I havent even showed you my Prom Pics. They are Lovely. :} anywho I will try and come bye to see you very soon. It was such a joy to see matt at school tuesday. I really miss you guys. I love you Brittany KatherineP.s. please give mckenna, Faith and B-man a hug and kiss for me and Please tell them that I love them and that i’m gonna bring the pics for them to see.

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