Just For Laughs!

Last week I got my hair cut… again!! This time.. SHORT! I absolutely LOVE it too! You can’t tell from the picture but.. the back is “sticking out” all spiky and stuff! I just got brave & told Jessica to CUT IT! ;0)

I’ve had my hair cut short before and loved it, but, after I had McKenna I let it grow out.. for some unknown reason…?? I forgot how ..when you wake up in the mornings it really looks… well…. BAD! ;0) It sticks up all over… my part is usually on the OTHER side…the back is somewhat flat….It looks like a REALLY BAD “Sound of Music” kind of cut!lol!

Anyway, one morning I was looking in the mirror and laughing at my hair & McKenna came in the room. Keep in mind.. she tell’s it like it is! I asked McKenna.. “McKenna, do you still like mommy’s hair?

she replied: YES!

I smiled & had a puzzled look on my face… but, she wasn’t finished talking..

she said: “It looks like it did when I came out of your tummy!

Hummmm.. She’s a killer for an ego! So now I’m thinking….not so sure about the cut now!

THEN it HIT me! All of the hospital pictures that I have of when McKenna was born, my hair was short!

Later, I told Matt this story and I added that I thought McKenna was referring to the fact that it was short like that.

Matt said:”You hope

Husbands! Don’t you just Love’ em!!!

8 thoughts on “Just For Laughs!”

  1. I LOVE IT!!! It really makes your smile stand out. You have a GREAT smile anyway…but it really highlights it!! I’m a short hair person too…but my face is just too full to wear short hair anymore. If I could loose some weight…I’d DEFINITELY cut it off! It looks awesome on you!!! Kids are funny, aren’t they? Gotta run! have a great day!’Buffi

  2. OH, oh, oh !!! I LOVE it too!Oh yea baby, I’m going in next Wed. to do the EXACT same thing! woooooo! (we can compare cuts! haha – I want to see what the back looks like!?)Anyway – you really, really, REALLY look adorable.Blessings ~

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!I love the new cut! I have been considering going shorter for years – but have never been brave enough to actually do it! It looks awesome on you.

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