A Week of First!


8 thoughts on “A Week of First!”

  1. OH HOW EXCITING!! I SO wanted Silas to play t-ball this time…but he was too young. Next year though…he WILL be playing!! I LOVE baseball. I know absolutely nothing about soccer…but baseball…I know!! 😉I LOVE Faith’s hair cut too. I have continued to try to keep Sadie’s cut so it will grow in a nice bob too!! I can’t believe how LONG Faith’s is!! WOW!!! It is beautiful!! She looks so grown!!! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE the pics!! Have a great week!Love ya,Buffi

  2. I can’t believe that is her first haircut, it looks so good in the other pics like she has had a cute cut. Busy, busy with all of that ball!Robby was wondering why Dodge CO doesn’t use masks on the helmets?

  3. Wow look at my Girls and Broughton he is such a little cuttie pie. I love Faiths New doo!! It makes her look so grownie. I just love the little princess mckenna in her ball attire she looks so cute. I love you all. P.s give my girls and my B-man a hug and a kiss for me and Please tell all them that i will bring the Prom Pictures for them to see. I know mckenna is just dying to see them. :] love you mrs. keisha and the whole walker bunchBrittany Katherine :]

  4. Oh Keisha, I would love for you to makeover my blog. I LOVE your blog! In fact, I was looking at yours thinking how much I love it. Love your header!!! What can I do to have you create me a fun new look? Make you crunch catfish???LOL

  5. Actually, if you could just show me how to put my name on every post like you have on yours, that would be awesome. I have a friend that is working on a blog makeover for me because I am totally challenged in that area. LOL. She doesn’t know how to add the signatures though. I love the font that you used as well.

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