Praising God through the messy storms in Life…

okay People, first of all…. it doesn’t get any better than this. It is just past 8:30am and here I sit.. COMPELLED to blog about something that they only make in the movies! I KID YOU NOT!
BEWARE!! This is only for those who get a kick out of disgusting stuff.. so if your not in the mood.. PLEASE.. BLOG ROLL ON!
This morning, after my 3 cups of coffee, a wonderful Bible study, a-little-peace-and-quiet-moment blog rolling.. It was time to approach the throne! And, I’m not talking the spiritual throne guys.. you get the picture?! I flush, and guess what..?? It came back up to say HI! And, not just HI.. it was a “HI, HOW YOU DOING.. CAN I STAY AWHILE, KIND OF HI!”
Yes, you guessed it! We got some serious plumbing issues!! As I throw the towels on the floor I run for the plunger. I yell for hubby “GET OUT OF THE SHOWER, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!” only for him to reply.. “YEAH, I KNOW! THE WATER IN THE TUB WON’T DRAIN!”…
Hubby gets out of shower and comes to the other bathroom where I stand in all my MESS. He just smiles and says “Honey, I’m sorry but,….I’m gonna let you clean that up. I Can’t!”
me: “of course, NO, I’ll get it! Just keep the girls away!”
Hubby replies: “I’ll just call plumbing man and have him come on & take a look.”
me: OH NO YOU WILL NOT! NOT RIGHT NOW! ( keep in mind, I’m in my night clothes,…hair a MESS…stand in MESS…..no makeup! AWLLLLFULLLL Just AWFUL!)
He smiles and says.. “Well, I gotta call him and tell him to come!”
me: “okay, just… let me clean up!” …..oh, what to do?! THINK! THINK! what to do first?..can’t squeeze the towels out in sink or tub.. cuz.. IT WON’T DRAIN!! WON’T THAT BE JUST PEACHY TO LOOK AT! Then suddenly,.. awww.. a window! Now, all I need is a bucket. Bucket.. Bucket! AW, I know! (I was in the kids bathroom, so.. there were a few sand buckets in the tub.. YES, IN THE TUB THEY WERE not sandbox!)
In comes Praise #1
-Thank you Lord fer da bucket !
As I begin to clean up my mess.. squeezing out towels and such… I began to think.. LORD, what could you possibly be teaching ME through this!!! Please Help me! Then a thought came.. “Hey, this window is a perfect Emergency Exit for the kiddos… “note to self.. purchase ladder thingy cause.. I know McKenna,… and there’s NO WAY she’s gonna climb outta this window without one!” Guess it’s PAST TIME for the little “In case of Emergency Talk” Better Hop to it.. as soon as I’m out of this MESS, of course!
Also, let me just say.. that this puts a WHOLE new meaning on the phrase:
“When God closes one door… he always leaves a window open!”
In comes Praise #2
-Thank you Lord fer da window!
McKenna comes to the door and says…” Momma, can I have this chewing gum I got out of your pocket book?”
Keep in mind, I do not allow the kids to go rummaging through my purse..cuz on any given day… there’s no telling what could be in that thing! lol!
(are you laughing yet moms?)
So, normally I would rage and have the “NOT ALLOWED” to go in my purse kind of talk.. but,…. not today.. oh, no.. we got serious issues!
And, chewing gum before 8:00am is a DEFINITE NO! But, do I care…???.. NO!
I said “Yes, FINE, GO AHEAD!.. You haven’t had your milk yet, but FINE! DO IT!”
In comes Praise #3
-Thank you Lord for teaching me NOT to get ALL bent out of shape at times .. when the kids find something they want in my purse.. & how.. it’s really not a problem to have gum before 8am.
As I was cleaning on this “COLD” April morning….looking out the window I noticed how beautiful the day really was..
the sun was shinning just right on the dew on the ground.. making it Sparkle in the Light.. & I thought.. Hey, you know.. that’s what we are supposed to do with God!
WE ARE TO SPARKLE AND REFLECT GOD… even if your cleaning up POOP! ;0)
In comes Praise #4
– Thank you Lord for your reminder of how we are to reflect YOU at all times!
So, I finished cleaning my mess, and, Hubby mopped the floor (bless his little heart). He says..
“I called the plumber.. & I haven’t heard anything” He zips up his coat. I say “And, just WHERE are you going?!” He said.. “To work”
me: ” And, what am I supposed to do in the mean time for a bathroom?”
(PERFECT HUBBY REPLY) : Just “Go” outside!
me: @@##$%^& /…. WHAT!!!!
McKenna laughs .. me: Well, I’m not laughing!
I look at Faith, & say “Faith, can mommy and sissy use your potty today?”
She has THE MOST BIGGEST smile and shakes her head yes and says” UHHH-HA”!
In comes Praise #5
-Thank you Lord for a 2 year old child who is willing to share her porta potty!
As I type, hopefully the plumber is on his way
*Hubby DID NOT go to work, he’s diggin up the septic tank …. ;0) lol!
he says …plumber says… it’s probably from all the baby wipes we’ve flushed from time to time!
sigh… if only i’d known!
So, NOW, there you have it! Don’t TELL me you can’t Praise God in some MESSY situations!! lol!
If ever.. sometime today.. you think… Shew! What a day…
Just think.. you could be using a two year olds porta potty! LOL!!! Now, don’t that make ya wanna smile!!!!!!
I’ll leave you with THE ONLY picture that I took of this mornings events:

The infamous “Pink Crocs” are soaking!!


6 thoughts on “Praising God through the messy storms in Life…”

  1. I am SOOOOOOOOO laughing over here. I know it wasn’t funny to you at the time…but your sense of humor in communicating it is priceless!! Thanks for sharing your lessons in finding the silver lining in every grey cloud!! I would DEFINITLY consider your morning a grey cloud…or should I say brown cloud!! (hee hee)!!! I hope your day gets better!!! Love ya girl!Buffi

  2. Bless your heart! What a way to begin the week. Great attitude though!You don’t really flush baby wipes down the toilet do you?? One more reason I do not like septic tanks…at some point your going to be digging it up! Brings back memories of our days in the old house in B’ham 🙂

  3. Oh, I cannot count how many times I have this wonderful, on the mountain type of quiet time in the morning, and then LIFE HITS!!!!!!! However, this life-hit of yours is PRETTY YUCKY! Oh my goodness, Keisha! Well, like Buffi said, you saw the silver lining! God must have known you would need all that peace and quiet that morning before everything started falling apart! 😉GREAT attitude, Keisha! Hope everything gets fixed soon!

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