Easter Weekend with the Walker’s….

We had a fun and BUSY weekend! But, never too busy to forget what Easter is all about..
Our Risen Lord!!
This year I found on the Internet how to make those resurrection eggs at home. Each night we would do 3 eggs. The children Loved it! So did Matt & I. It was a Great Idea for our Devotional time.

We started off Saturday morning by coloring Easter Eggs for Our “2” egg hunts we would be attending!

Notice McKenna’s PINK egg…. TEE HEE!
Faith loved dying the eggs! She would say.. me do it too! me do it too momma! It was soo Great to have her home!!!!

Egg Hunt #1
At Church

Broughton found the “prize egg” & recieved a special kids Bible!
Listening intently to the Easter Story…

Checking to make sure the eggs are still in her basket

Egg Hunt #2:

Papa & Grandmother’s Cabin

me and my baby Boy…he’ll always be my baby boy… EVEN when he’s 30!

Easter Morning:

At Momma & Daddy’s & Mema & Papa’s (Great Grandparents)

We spent the night with my parents and went to church with them and then we all (the WHOLE family) goes to Mema & Pa’s for some Good Country Cooking and some Family Time!

Here’s a picture of my Grandparents with all the Greatgrands! Faith DID NOT want to cooperate.. “no pictures.. please!”

Open your eyes Matt! ;0)

yes, we have one more.. she’s my cousin’s daughter.. We’ll take her! She wanted to take a picture with us too! ;0)

Look, what my little Prince brought me…!! He’s soo sweet!

Egg Hunt #3:

Just Cuteness!!

Well, that’s all folks! Hope everyone has had an Awesome Easter!


9 thoughts on “Easter Weekend with the Walker’s….”

  1. Oh. my. word.If these aren’t the cutest pictures EVER! Your family is so, so adorable – I LOVE the picture of all of you together – very sweet.And, how cool is that; that you all spend the night together, go to church together, all celebrate together………how it should be. Just precious.**hugs to you**

  2. What a great post! Looks like y’all had a great holiday!I want you to e-mail me that family pic of y’all!It needs to go on my fridge. You look precious in that dress btw!Macie wore that same dress Faith has on yesterday. I will have to post some pics………great minds!love ya girl,Jill 🙂

  3. Awe, the church egg hunt brings back memories! We had one with our new church family at someone’s house and it was alot of fun! Happy Resurrection Day!

  4. I think that’s so wonderful that yo uare able toget together with your WHOLE family. Everyone looked so pretty…and handsome. 🙂 I love that last dress that Faith is wearing. Glad you had a wonderful Easter.~Lynn

  5. Ok…that family pictures is AWESOME of you guys!!! You all looks so beautiful!!! Keisha, I LOVE your dress. I just don’t wear dresses. I don’t like them on me…but yours looks wonderful on you!!! Wish they would look that good on me!!! The kiddos look adorable too!!! Love their little smocked dresses!!! It looks like you guys had a great weekend. I Love the traditional things you guys do. We just have never done eggs or baskets or anything at Easter. My family would do something for the kids…but we’ve never done anything. I Love all the stuff that you guys do!! What a special time!! Love all the pictures too!!! You have a beautiful family!!! I know you are SO proud!!! Have a wonderful week!Blessings,Buffi

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