What’s happening now..??

Getting his award!
So sweet! My precious men!

Well, basketball has come to a close. We are so proud of B-man and his “wanting to learn basketball” attitude. He really had NEVER played the game, but was all about playing in our local leauge. He loved it so much that he didn’t want to sign up for baseball! Daddy had to explain that basketball is over and baseball season has begun. No, we didn’t make him sign up, we gave him a choice. Thank goodness he chose to play & practice starts TONIGHT! With 2 in baseball and one in ballet….. (Yes, McKenna insisted she play t-ball!) my hands are about to become completely FULL!

Now, on to our next venture… WE GOT A NEW PUPPY!!

Her name is “Princess Jasmine”. She’s a long-haired Daschund. She is precious! We love her!
Hope to be back soon, with some photos of baseball season!!

5 thoughts on “What’s happening now..??”

  1. OK…so your puppy is ADORABLE!!! I am a sucker for dogs! I LOVE THEM!!! What a sweet pic of McKenna with the doggie in the stroller. My kids LOVE to do that too!!! Also, B-man looks so proud standing next to his daddy! how precious is that?!?! Girl…I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when I get all of ours involved in something! YIKES!! Can I say…life will never be the same, huh? Oh well…it’s awesome to watch them grow up and find what their niche is!! We haven’t quite gotten there with any of ours. Although..Silas is incredible athletic…I can see it all over him…and he is SO musical I can hardly stand it. He’s my little worshipper…I just KNOW IT!! Sophie is all compassion and heart. I haven’t quite found the extra curricular activity that helps that grow!! And of course…Sadie…we don’t know about her yet. Although…they told me she seems pretty gifted in the tumbling class! That’s cool! Anyway, thanks for the great post! I just LOVE your family!!!have a great week!Love ya,Buffi

  2. Yes, sports sure do keep us busy…don’t they?What an adorable new puppy you have! Congratulations! We are getting a puppy in a few weeks. part of my is very excited, but part of me is nervous about all of the puppy work. : ) Although, we are getting a Golden Retriever and the larger breeds can tend to be a bit more on the wild side when they are young.have a great day!!

  3. Okay, where did you get the cute puppy? Do you still have the other 2 dogs too? Are you crazy!! Just kidding, our kids want another dog too, a daschund. We’ll see. One inside dog is already like another child. Plus 2 cats outside! How did you find the puppy??

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