Thankful Thursday on ..Friday ;0)

Yes, Yes, I know yesterday was Thurs. but I was so busy I didn’t have time to post! So, I want to back up and give God the Glory and Honor and Praise that HE deserves!
1) Yesterday was our annual FCA Spring Banquet. Our quest speaker was Coach Bobby Bowden of FSU! Now, for those of you who know Matt & I, you would know we are huge BULLDOG FANS (Coach Richt came last year ..TEE HEE! ;0) ) But, I must say… we also LOVE LOVE Coach Bowden, so.. we LOVE FSU TOO! (How can this be you wonder?….) It’s simple, Coach is a WONDERFUL Christian man! Who LOVES the LORD, & isn’t afraid to tell it! God has truly blessed him & when he speaks…people listen.. & what does he talk about..???…. Who does he praise… OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, of course! I AM THANKFUL FOR MEN OF INTEGRITY like Coach Bowden who takes a stand & influences many young men & women to follow Christ!

This is a picture of our local FCA Board members.

2) Thank you Lord, for my Salvation! I know often times… I don’t thank you enough, but I was reminded yesterday just how SWEET it is to be your child & you’re my ABBA FATHER!
3) I thank you for a bloggy friend of mine who received her daughter this week in China! PRAISE YOU FATHER!!! PRAISE YOU!

Welcome Home Miss Ellie Grace!
3) I am thankful for a “conviction of the heart” from McKenna! One day this week McKenna was disobeying. I punished her and sent her to TIME OUT! When we went in her room to explain to her why she was there and why she shouldn’t act that way, we found her sitting on her bed praying!! WE just stood there! She looked up and I said “Are you praying sweetie?” She shook her head yes, & tears began to well up in her eyes. She knew! So, we sat down on the bed and we talked it out! It was truly a PRECIOUS moment!
“Count your many blessings, name them one by one. Count your many blessings, see what GOD has done! Count your blessings……name them…one..by..one…… Count your many blessings, see what God has done!”

7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday on ..Friday ;0)”

  1. What a precious post Keisha!!! By the way…don’t you just look AWESOME in your pant suit!!! Such a beautiful lady!!! This may be a dumb question…but what is FCA? Is it Fellowship of Christian Athletes? I didn’t realize you guys were big athletes!! How cool. You learn something new everyday!! Well…I better go and get Sophie her medicine. After she got over the other stuff…she woke up with pink eye!! Can you believe that?!?!?!? Anyway, she’s missed a WHOLE WEEK of school. SO….I’ve gotta get some meds in her!! Have a wonderful weekend!!love ya girl!Buffi

  2. Thank you Buffi!!! You are so sweet!!Yes, it stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Matt is an Area director for FCA. LOL!!!! Buffi!! “ME,… a BIG ATHLETE” LOL! Matt would get a kick out of that! I am SOOO NOT an athlete…I play around a bit with Broughton but, in school…if you threw me a ball, I would either duck or throw my hands up and scream!! lol!!! But now, I do like to watch football. Matt used to coach, and he’s taught me a lot about the game. In fact, there has been a time in my life… when I told some other coaches wives… what was actually going on in the game. LOL!!! Poor Sophie! I hope she gets better!! I’ll say a prayer!love ya!

  3. Keisha,Thanks for visiting our blog! I have really enjoyed looking at yours. Your blog header is simply amazing….a very powerful and important statement!!You have a beautiful family! McKenna’s prayer story is so precious …it must have been a very proud Mommy moment for you. : )Thanks for sharing your bunny story with me. And yes, we would also drive however far needed to retrieve a lost Pup.Have a great week-end!!!

  4. Hey Keisha! Long time no comment, sorry! I’m catching up on everybody and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your thankful things! Especially sweet little McKenna. Now neat that you got to meet Bobby Bowden. I respect him so much. He is a man of integrity.Have a great week Keisha!Love,Laineoh and I want some of the barrettes…can I email you and send you a check? Rob is Barney Fife of computer security so I don’t do pay pal or anything…I LOVE the barrettes! So fancy but so perfect for everyday use!

  5. I think that is so cool that ‘public’ men like coach Bowden are not afraid of sharing their faith – PTL!!!! Congratulations to your friend for the adoption coming through 🙂How sweet that your little girl already prayed by herself – indeed a precious moment.Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this past week.Blessings to you and yours.

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