Another Bloggy Award!!

I was Awarded the Blogger Makeover Award by my dear friend Jill! Thanks Jill you’re so sweet!
I would like to pass this award over to Buffi!! I know you worked hard on your blog, I think it looks great!


3 thoughts on “Another Bloggy Award!!”

  1. Awe Keisha!!! (sniff, sniff) I’m going to cry!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for the reward!!! I LOVE all of the sites that you do. You are amazing at it!!! So, do I pass this along to someone else now? Thanks SO much!!!! Have a fantastic weekend!!Buffi

  2. Hey Keisha! Congrats on your award, you deserve it!I love your thankful Thursday post, AND your seven things. WOW…mayonnaise, huh? And the sock thing my husband can totally relate to…he hates that too. Cracking up about the list and scratching off something you just wrote that you accomplished…LOVE IT! You are hilarious!

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