Cleft House under way…

The Love without Boundaries Blog has posted some pictures of the cleft house that “Blogs for Babies & Hope’s Heart” are raising funds for! For the month of January all the money that I receive on Blog Re-Designs will go to the Blog Baby Shower for the Cleft Home! So far, we’ve raised $110.00! What can $110.00 buy you ask??!!!

1 (almost 2) Double stroller- $60 or

1 Microwave- $100 or

1 Baby gym- $35 or

11 Crib mobiles-$10 each or

16(children) One month supply of diapers-$15/child or

2 High chairs-$50

Thanks to everyone who has already donated!! If you haven’t donated yet…please consider it!! You won’t regret it!!!

Just look at this face:………

Just one child that has benefited from the help and care of a nutritional program!!

Click below for a sneak peak of the home:


Come on get that new look for your blog…..or just donate!!! Click here for more info!


2 thoughts on “Cleft House under way…”

  1. What a neat blog!! The pirate theme is cool!! 🙂 I want to donate…but I’m really going to have to wait and see what kind of relief we’ll get from our taxes…know what I mean? So…hang in there. I don’t want you to think I’m not interested. We’re just REALLY TIGHT right now!!! It is such an awesome thing you’re doing!!! Once again…I am THRILLED that Faith got a great report from the doctor!!! Praise God! I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!!!Love ya,Buffi

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