Like Mother Like Daughter…

I’m so proud! I just had to share. McKenna has a Kid’s scrapbooking kit & she just loves it. She created this layout by herself! I only placed the picture and the butterfly on there! Girls got style! And smart…..during our school time today we discussed a penny & what the things were on the penny. We were discussing the year it was made. I told her it was born in 1981 & that it was older than her. She looked at me so confused and asked…. “so, they were born from the MOM penny?” LOL!!! She said it, I kid you not! This girl is hilarious!

5 thoughts on “Like Mother Like Daughter…”

  1. I found you through Jill’s blog. I love this post with your daughter scrapbooking. I am a scrapbooker and my 4 year old loves to scrapbook too. She can cover some paper with stickers. HAHA. She even has her little mini scrapbook tote like mine. Love your blog! Come on over and visit mine if you want.

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