My Top 11 of 2007!

These are in no specific order. I love them ALL! Actually, I had a hard time choosing! These are my Top 11!

#1 Me & My lil’ Sis at Easter! #2 Daddy teaching lil’bit how to shoot.

#3 Miss Priss at the Cabin#4 My little Robin Hood with his First REAL Bow!

#5 Broughton and his “Home-Run” Tee -Hee!
#6 Me & my girl performing “This little light of mine” for the 07′ Grads!
#7 Meeting baby Faith for the first time!

#8 A Wonderful Welcome Home from China!!

#9 Home Sweet Home! Faith in her own bed a few days after being home.
#10 Matt, Faith and me in front of the 4th Largest Waterfall in the World!

#11 Our first “Family of Five” Photo!

These are just a few I picked from this year. What’s your favorites?!!! I want to see! First type a post with your top 11 then, come back and leave link!



5 thoughts on “My Top 11 of 2007!”

  1. Hey Keisha, Is it my top favorite pictures or moments? I’m going to try and go through mine. You come up with some of the coolest things!!!OH…and by the way, my beans and greens are cookin’ right now!!! I LUV Southern cookin’!!! Hope yall have a wonderful New Year. (We’ve had the stomach, throw up virus, around here…so we’ve just been hanging out.) Guess we needed to stay at home!!! Happy New Year!!Love ya,Buffi

  2. Had the beans, but don’t know how to fix greens! I love ’em though!I love your favorite pics…I’ll try to do it when we get home. What a wonderful way to reflect on God’s blessings!Love,LaineHappy New Year!

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