Ho, Ho, Ho…NO..NO..NO!

LOL! That is what Faith said as she met Santa. I finally convinced her not to cry and that we would only take a few pictures as she sat in Santa’s lap. Her eye’s were watching me like a hawk & she was not a happy camper! But, at least she didn’t scream and cry. When we got home I asked the kids.. “Are y’all ready for Santa to come see us?” Broughton and McKenna yelled “YEAH!!” Faith just shook her head ..no! Okay, so she’s not a fan of the man in the Big Red Suit, but what 2 year old is? LOL!

On a side note, Santa could have saved alot of money this year, cause apparently all McKenna wants is… Moonsand! Santa was shocked…he asked her… “is that all?” Broughton however wanted to go back and MAKE sure Santa understood he wanted the “cordless” video game controller. (note to self…reiterate the importance of Christmas & the REASON of the season..)LOL! KIDS! They are TOO FUNNY!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Ho, Ho, Ho…NO..NO..NO!”

  1. Love the pics!! Sadie was apprehensive about pics with Santa too. I had to hold her while we took the picture. It was a poloroid or I would have posted it. All Sadie asks for is a baby doll (we’ll probably end up with 10 of them…) and Silas wants a Turbo Man…(which they don’t even make any more!!) Thus…another reason we stress the true meaning…like you!!! 🙂 Kids are SO funny!!!! Merry Christmas!!! Love the pictures!!!!Buffi

  2. Precious, Keisha! Quan’s a little fearful about Santa coming while he’s asleep. They both tolerated him pretty well when they sat on his lap, though.I hope your Christmas is fun-filled and extra special!Love,Laine

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