HO! HO! HO! … Need a hairbow??…

I know it’s last minute.. but maybe you might be interested…????? This is a picture of my “Itty-Bitty Christmas Bow. They are only $3.00 each. It has a clippie backing so it’s just right for that “froggy fine” hair our babies have. You can leave me a comment if your interested. I didn’t make very many toddler bows. The few I have made are hopefully already sold.

2 thoughts on “HO! HO! HO! … Need a hairbow??…”

  1. Ummmm….YESSSSSSSSSSSS! I want one! Do you think you could make me one more that’s a little bigger; and then maybe just a ribbon for my 11 year old…she still wears bows but lately ribbons have been looking so pretty in her hair!If not, definitely get me at least the toddler size for Kimmie!I’ll be on and off the computer tonight, and then out of pocket all weekend beginning tomorrow morning (check my blog in a few days for the details! 🙂 Sooooo…let me know what you can do, how much, and I’ll stick you a check in the mail next week!You da woman!Love,Laine

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