New direction!

After much prayer and conviction…I have decided, at this time, to donate ALL of the money I make off of blog re-designs to charity. I have been email corresponding with Mrs. Judy from Hope’s Heart. I contacted her last week and asked if there was a specific need that I could raise money for. She replied with numerous opportunities! I so was overwhelmed with the needs that I wanted to help do EVERYTHING! I do know that this is impossible right now, so I told her I would take it one step at a time. ;0) I just love doing this, just knowing that the money will be helping a child in need out, trills my soul!
Mrs. Judy said that Hope’s Heart works with many other organizations..like Love Without Boundaries, and Hope Foster Home!!! These are organizations that I have prayed for and supported in the past as well! She told me about a new program that Love Without Boundaries has started..It is a Cleft House in Anhui province that will hopefully be opening up in Jan. 2008. This house is dedicated to help cleft lip/cleft palate babies reach their fullest potential while in the orphanage. Many orphanages DO NOT have the proper nutritional plan for their cleft babies due to…lack of funding..or lack of knowledge. This house will help these children specifically and give them a better chance of life and more importantly ADOPTION!
You can read more about this project at:

They have a special way that you can help by having a “baby shower” for the cleft house. This is the direction that was layed on my heart, in which I would like to help. I have let Mrs. Judy know & I am waiting on her reply. Hope’s Heart has already helped make one donation & are considering another. I would like to partner up with them to help out, by donating the money I make from the blogs to the baby shower!

I will let you all know more about this in the days to come!

The name of the fundraising will be :

logo design

Please be in prayer for this and Please consider giving a gift that will change a LIFE!!


2 thoughts on “New direction!”

  1. You’re so amazing Keisha! You have such an enteprenuer spirit! I admire that so much. I think what you’re doing is awesome!!! Maybe after we get our tax credit back from the adoption ;-), know what I mean?…we’ll have more money to contribute. We are extremely tight right now. But, once we get this adoption debt off of us, we’ll be a little more free to give!! Thanks for what you’re doing. It is an awesome thing!!!By the way, did you get our note for McKenna when she get’s her package? I sent another email, but have been having trouble with my email. Let me know if you got it! Thanks so much!Buffi

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