Blog’s for Sale

Okay, as you might have noticed from an earlier post, I blingged a friends blog as well as created my own. I had fun creating them both. So my thoughts were this…I thought I would create a couple of blogs (on display) to sale. My price… well, the going price on the net looks like a whopping $50.00 per blog! Whew! It is time consuming, but, it is also a way that I can make money. Also, I would like to donate some of the money to china orphans! I’m looking at donating to Hope’s Heart. If you haven’t checked out what they are doing…go to my side bar & click & see! Mr. Ken & Judy are WONDERFUL Christian’s who have a huge heart for china orphans.! I just love them and their daughter! They inspire me! Anyway, I know them & would like to help their organization out. So, with that being said…. I will charge only $30.00 for the blog & send $10.00 of it to Hope’s Heart. I would like to sponsor a cleft surgery! That would be Awesome.
Obviously, I’m not in it for the money. I just want to give back to the orphans of China. Faith was a special needs child, & had her repair surgery done in China…by some organization…I don’t know who are what???.. But, I want to be able to help out. So, I’m using the God given talents that HE has given me & putting feet to my prayers. If you can’t help out…I understand, but I can still use your help. PRAY! Pray for the child that will receive this blessing!! Hey, you never know what God is calling you to do….it could very well be your child one day! (Look at me!) LOL!

Below are two links to 2 test blogs I created. If you are interested..let me know! Send me an email or leave me a comment. keishalynn1@yahoo.com

*Both blogs can be customized to your liking. Pictures, wording…etc. an be changed or added.

Pink Polka:



6 thoughts on “Blog’s for Sale”

  1. Hey there ! Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the sweet comment – and then I come here and see an even SWEETER family !!! You guys are precious! Love the blog – I’ll have to check out your test blogs too.Btw – our little peanut is turning 2 today !! In China. God has everything under control, and I’m good with that – we’ll be getting our Ellie Grace soon !!Blessings on you ~

  2. Ok Keisha…you are just a talented little enteprenuer!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! I’m amazed at all the ideas you have for fund raising and stuff!! Such a great idea!! Your test blogs look really great too!! I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend! Bless you!Buffi

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