Meet Pearl….

The official “puppy dog” look!

Yes, we got a new member of the FAM! Pearl is part white German Shepherd/ Lab mix. She looks like a white Lab. She’s so cute. The kids are really loving her!

5 thoughts on “Meet Pearl….”

  1. Hey! Is this one of Goldie’s puppies? Or maybe whitie? BTW…what about poor little border collie puppy named Keisha!!!I am shocked! I just don’t know what to say…..just kidding!!! Pearl is cute, but not nearly as cute as Keisha!! ha, ha

  2. Oh, come on Laine….every little one needs a puppy to cuddle, & play with & then come inside smelling like…DOG!!! LOL! You know us momma’s will end up taking care of it but,, think of the joy it brings to them! However, a baby brother & sister from China is MUCH better!!!!

  3. AWE!!! How adorable…I just love puppies!!! I know your kids are just lovin’ Pearl!!! We’ll not go through the puppy stage again until Pretzel, our Schnauzer leaves us. I just love puppy’s though!! She is adorable. I also love your Thanksgiving pictures above!! Your family seems so much like ours!!! How cool!! Hope you have a great weekend.Buffi

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