Happy Thanksgiving Yall!

What I’m Thankful for…..

My Wonderful & Wacky Husband….. LOL (He’s gonna kill me for bloggin this..TEE HEE!)

Matt “Sparrow”

Get off the crackberry ..I mean Blackberry, Sweetie! :0)

My Adventurous Baby Boy….

My Sweet Baby Girl with the Baby fine hair……

& My Baby Boo……

5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Yall!”

  1. Keisha,What a great post!!! You have a beautiful family. I love the fall pictures. This is absolutely my favorite time of the year. We truly do have so much to be thankful for!! By the way…is Faith feeling better? I sure hope so!!! Keep us informed on what you find out!! Bless you guys!Buffi

  2. Hey Keisha!I love these turkey hay bales…is this in your yard? Very creative!I have been trying to work on a “thankful” post but having trouble with blogger uploading pics!This really is a special Thanksgiving for all of us, isn’t it?Blessings!Laine

  3. Hey Keisha!!!I absolutely love the pictures!!! Your babies are beautiful!I heard that Third Day song last year while waiting for HG. I am crying uncontrollably ALL over again! We have sooooo much to be thankful for!!Love you guys!*** Thanks for commenting on the Bama room! It meant a lot to Greg!***Steph

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