Ohhhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhhh… that last post gave me an IDEA!!…

Okay ladies,
If your like me, about this time….gift ideas are running around in your head. What do I get my sister….mother…..grandmother…..etc..etc…etc… WELL, I thought I’d share a few idea’s a day with you of some things I have gotten as a gift in the past that I LOVE, or share some things that I thought would make GREAT gifts for those precious ladies in your life. I’m going to try to keep these gift ideas UNDER $30.00. This year at the Walker Household…money is tight..I mean come on…we traveled to China in June, People! And, I’ve learned over the years…it’s not the size or price of the gift that matters…it’s those practical and “from the heart” gifts that matter the most!

So, with that being said…lets start with my first three items that were gifts to me that I LOOOOVVEE them!!!

#1 (See post below)

Old Navy’s Micro-Fleece Pants!!


Only $ 12.50(On-line)

Just Perfect & Cozy! I love mine…thanks Heather!!!

Yes, they’re Pink and I don’t CARE, cause I’ll wear them ANYWHERE!”

Everybody needs a pair of these. I wear them around the house most days!

Only $29.99 (on-line)



Vera Bradley’s Mini Jewelry Box

Perfect for that on the go Gal! I bought one of these for my sister -in-law for her b-day. She just loved it! Plus, she LOVES Vera Bradely…right Meg???? ;0)

Only $20.00 www.verabradley.com

So, maybe this will give you a few ideas. But, I want to see yours too!! I hope this works! Please somebody try it & see! First type your post on your site with your ideas then. ….Click below & it should leave a link to your blog or site……who’s next?????


2 thoughts on “Ohhhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhhh… that last post gave me an IDEA!!…”

  1. Hey Keisha,I don’t want to post this on MY site…cause it’s what my family is getting for Christmas! (hee hee) BUT…you can go to http://www.blurb.com and create a book, (hard back or soft cover) for really inexpensive. We are doing one for our trip to China….BUT for Christmas for everyone we took every picture of all three kids throughout the year 2007…chose a book size and layout…and made comments on each picture, and even put a letter of dedication in there. It is full color and very professional looking a just a plain great gift. Our books are only $16.95 a piece. You can get them as inexpensive as $12.95 a book. So….I didn’t want to post this on ours cause I didn’t want to give it away…BUt I think this is a GREAT gift. We even got us one too!! 🙂 Thanks for this great idea! I’ll post about others that I don’t need to keep secret!!! Have a great week!Buffi

  2. Hey Keisha,I second Buffi’s post, i have been making blurb books too. I am working on my China book also……..they are so great looking. You should check it out!If you need some help lemme know!Love ya,Jill 🙂

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