Thanks to all, for your comments on my new do! I really do like it,… McKenna still says it looks spooky in the mornings though…LOL!

Many of you have asked about that “bright” colored room I was in for my hair “photo shoot” ;0)

That is our playroom. We wanted something Fun for the kids to play in & ORGANIZED! When you get organized in playrooms it makes for an easy clean-up! Trust ME! Matt & I designed it and had sooo much fun, we even got the kids involved. Some of you may remember what it looked like before…look back in my archives to the month of March & you can see before and after shots. It was an amazing transformation! The wall colors are all Disney paint. (Buzz lightyear blue, Mickey mouse red..to be exact). The funny part is this….we bought this house which was Matt’s grandmothers, beautiful older brick home with lots of room for the five of us, we love it! Anywho, Matt’s grandmother had a “formal” sitting room, which nobody hardly ever went it….only on special occasions. So, when we bought it I said…forget the formal dinning or sitting room …I want a playroom for the kids!! Now, this room is frequently used! I know Ma-ma (Matt’s grandmother) would have loved it!


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  1. I would love one of those rooms too! That’s the great thing about older homes…there are all kinds of rooms to do stuff like that in!! You guys just did a fantastic job. I was really admiring the organization! SIGH!!! One day, one day!!! Have a fantastic day!Love ya,Buffi

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