One year ago…..

Today one year ago Matt & I excitedly asked permission from China to adopt our precious baby Faith! On the 21st of this month, one year ago, we saw her little face late one night & we KNEW she was our baby! I can remember the feeling….

3:15pm-Spoke with Martha about a SN baby girl who’s birthday was the same as McKenna’s!

3:45pm -called Matt & said….”I got a feeling so get ready!”

5:00pm – MARTHA!! MARTHA!!! Where are the pictures and info? (By the way..now there are about 5 other families waiting for the SAME info we were waiting on!)

9:00pm – Martha went to local Kinko’s….scanned pictures and emailed the information to all of the families!

9:01pm – STILL …NOTHING!

10:00pm- I’m on the phone with Martha….” what is up with this???, Martha are you sure you have my correct email?” Martha confirms email and says..”I know this worked cause, I’ve already gotten a call about this baby”

10:00pm- WHAT??? ///@@@###@#$%@#%#%^$%&

10:15pm – Okay….regroup…..send it to Matt’s email address!!

11:00pm – NOTHING!!!! The refresh button on my computer isn’t working PEOPLE!!


11:30pm – Matt & I prayed about Faith, and I thought we were gonna sleep on it…but,

12:00AM – Matt insisted that I call Martha and tell her…”That’s our baby & we know it!”

12:01AM- Martha (bless her heart) joyfully answered the phone and REJOICED with us!!

By 7:00AM the next morning….Martha got another call…..wanting to adopt baby Faith!! ( THANK YOU GOD…THAT I LISTENED TO MATT & CALLED MARTHA WHEN I DID)

Awwww!!! Such precious memories!!
Here is what I wrote in my adoption journal one year ago TODAY!
Your Daddy & I filled out our “letter of intent” to adopt you little ladybug. There wasn’t enough room on the paper to say the things I wanted to say to the Chinese government about you! We have prayed for sooooo long for you and God has heard our prayers!!!!
I just think it is amazing how we KNEW that she was our baby….China had not even said yes,…. BUT GOD HAD!
Thank you Father…, that you hear our prayers and answer! Sometimes, it’s not as we would like & we accept it and move on, but sometimes …..Father your AWESOMENESS overwhelms ME! You are Great & Mighty & Worthy of Praise!!!


3 thoughts on “One year ago…..”

  1. WOW…what amazing records you have kept!!How precious this will be for Faith one day!! God had it planned for her to be in your family…before the foundations of the world were created!!! How awesome He is to orchestrate these events!!! I love hearing about it!!Thanks for sharing.Buffi

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