The faces we won’t forget!

Many incredible things happened while we were in China. I guess this one stuck out to me the most and struck a chord in my heart. As many of you know we were blessed to be able to go to China a few days early with our agency and help buy some supplies for a local orphanage there in Guangzhou. Well local…meaning 2 hours away..LOL!

Anyway, we were able to meet many of their children that were in the orphanage. The taller girl on the right was deaf. She had been away at school that morning and we didn’t get to see her but she came in as we were about to leave. She was beautiful. Very tall and athletic built. The orphanage director said that she would be up for adoption soon. She went everyday to a school that taught her sign language. I know a little sign language, but not much. Kira, a friend traveling with us knew more than I did. Between the two of us, we had a chance to ask her if she knew Jesus…….. As we signed the “nail scared hand” she made a noise & shook her head yes!! She knew who we were talking about & was excited…so much that Kira and I felt like calming her down, cause we didn’t want to go to jail for asking…LOL! Thankfully, the workers and director must not have known what we were talking about or either they did and just didn’t join in on the conversation. :0)
Kira and I were amazed! Somebody….taught her the Jesus sign. You know, sign language is the universal language. No matter where you’re at …. most interpretation is the same. Isn’t God Good??!!
I hope this precious little one finds a wonderful home where she can get as excited as she wants to about the “nail scared hand”!!! Praise the Lord!

3 thoughts on “The faces we won’t forget!”

  1. OH So precious!! She surely will find a home. Isn’t it amazing that she recognized the name of Jesus. How wonderful!! I really wish we would have had an experience with an orphanage like you did. We didn’t get a chance to see very many children in our orphanage. What an amazing experience you had. Thank you for introducing them to us. We will pray for God to bring them their forever families!! Love you guys!Buffi

  2. Keisha,Thank you so much for posting the pictures and details about the orphanages! It is so important for people to see the little souls over there! I am ready to go back!I must say,”Way to go, DAWGS!” Y’all have a great team! They played well! I hope Greg doesn’t read this! LOL!Love you all!Steph

  3. WOW, I love this story. It is so HUGE! I can just imagine maybe an outside group of volunteers who “happened” to be Christians who maybe taught this little girl about the One who loves her so much! Who knows how she knew His Name…just that she knew!Praise the Lord, may He disciple her in His truth and send her godly friends and influences and FAMILY to lead her to HIM!

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