Mixed Emotions on a Chapter Closed…???

Today I feel a bit of joy & sadness all in one! Most of you don’t know this but there was a little girl Matt & I tried to pursue in adoption last year. Two years ago a tiny little girl had been brought into Hope Foster Home with aspiration pneumonia. Matt & I watched her pull through and she was placed in foster care & was thriving there! We decided to sponsor her to help with the cost of her foster care. We also had fun last year sending her a care package for her birthday.
The first of last year, Matt & I contacted the director of Hope Foster Home and tried to see if we could get a “heads-up” as to when she would be ready for adoption. We also asked our agency if we could request her and see if the china facilitator could get her for us. We didn’t care how long we had to wait! After many high hopes the road to Libby ended. But…we still thought about her, prayed for her, and WE had not given up! For a year and a half now, I have google searched this child.. looking on EVERYBODYS waiting child list, looking for her! But, had no luck! I came close to her by finding her foster sister on the waiting child list & now her mother & I are bloggy friends. (See journey to Reese)
After our agency received their waiting childs’ list and we found Faith,we knew she was our child right away, and we didn’t think about adopting Libby. We still got updates on her and we knew she wasn’t adopted yet so this kept our curiousity up.
After a couple of days of being home from China we got an update on her again. She was clutching a stuffed animal my mom had picked out for her that we sent in a care package a year ago! We couldn’t believe it! I asked Matt, ” if she came across an agency as a waiting child…would you adopt her?” His reply was…IN A MINUTE! I felt the same way! In age, she would be between Faith and McKenna, but we didn’t care, we would have gotten on a plane again to get her!
This morning I received a note from the sponsoring coordinator saying that Libby had left the foster home to go to her orphanage for adoption! I just starred at the message…I didn’t know how to feel! I was happy for her, but at the same time sad too! I guess I was holding out for hope! Hope that we “might” be able to adopt her, and today that ended. Closure is bittersweet sometimes… but, God’s plan is sovereign! We are happy for Libby, & we hope she has the best future, life has to offer.


4 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions on a Chapter Closed…???”

  1. Wow Keisha, she is really adorable. Your hearts are so huge! I just love it!!! Like you said…God is soverign, and he knows best. We did all we could to “stay out” of the choosing portion of the adoption….only because we know when we get in the way, we don’t get God’s perfect, best plan. We just always waited for stop signs. Today, that email was a stop sign for you guys. Praise God for his soverignty. Little Faith is so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving family!! I would love to meet you guys one day! We’re going to Disney World during Fall Break of 2008. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all of us adoptive families could get together and meet then?!? That would be cool. Oh well…I’m sure I’m dreaming. Yall have a fantastic weekend. We always look forward to your updates! We’re praying for you. Thank you for all your encouraging words and comments to us. What a blessing they are!!! Gotta run!Love ya,Buffi

  2. Yall are an amazing family. Truly. And I know that it is only by the grace of God! His love is so evident in your daily walk! Praise the Lord that Libby has a family. Maybe the Lord will make a way for you to stay in contact. We almost pursued a 7 yr. old boy on our agency’s list back in Sept. I just didn’t have a peace about it, and then in December we were matched with Kimmie and Quan. I knew God had intended for these two little children to be Ferrills! But I still had that little boy in my mind and in my prayers. In April I found him on another agency’s list and under his name it said “I found my family!” I can’t describe to you the relief and joy I felt at that moment. It was just like God whispered to me, “See? Kimmie and Quan were meant to be yours, and I had this planned the whole time. I already knew who this boy’s family would be!” God is so amazing, but I don’t have to tell you that!Thank you for sharing your heart,Laine

  3. Yall are precious! My heart is full and running over with thanksgiving!!! Praise Him for your encouraging words. To think,,..I almost didn’t put how I felt about this matter on my blog…& now reading from you guys just confirm what God is saying to me! I love yall & think you all are wonderful people. It is so neat how God brought us all together through adoption & yall each have a different story! It’s just a blessing!! Thanks for your encouragement & prayers!!love yall!Keishaps. Disney 2008 sounds like a wonderful idea!!!!!!! When is your fall break??

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