Mom’s morning "photo shoot"!

Okay… so this is how it goes with two little princesses. They both LOVE, LOVE attention! And, before you think…we give them both all the attention they need. Many have asked…how are things going? How is Faith adjusting? How is Broughton & McKenna adjusting to having a new baby sister? Many times my answer is like this….”Oh, they all are doing wonderful..Faith loves all of us even the extended family. She interacts with them all! Broughton, well he’s just happy about his new little sis & McKenna is too!” Well……just like anything else …the “new” has worn off! “New” being the newness in the idea of having a little sister around. Broughton is still fine with Faith and …Faith is fine with Broughton…until he tells her what to do. The sisters however….it’s another story….

I fixed Faith’s hair today for the first time in piggy tails..and I do mean “piggy tails” :0) I keep telling Matt and the kids that she looks like “Boo” in the movie Monsters Inc. So,.the piggy tails show that my statement is true. Anyway.. as I was taking pictures of Faith I was trying to make her laugh, giggle, smile…something….

Look at mommy …

Faith…Faith… Smile !! Boo! Boo!!

come on …give mommy a smile!

No, sweetie …not quite what I had in mind..

I don’t wanna….no…no…

Wait for it………………………



SO, next I turn the camera on McKenna. “Okay McKenna, you know what to do…show me a big smile!”


Then…. I look over at Faith, and this is her look….

She’s thinking… “wait just a minute here!”

Needless to say… my photo shoot went sour! How did it happen? Just pure out jealousy on both parts! Isn’t it funny how God shows us through our children that we were born with a “sinful”nature. Check out the next pictures… I had to stop and discipline Faith…cause she pinched McKenna on the arm.


You know, sometimes we all act like this…accept instead of pinching we make crude remarks… “I’m guilty myself”. If you’ve done this today..ask for forgiveness to the one who makes us whole. The one we are striving to be like. Christ!!! Have a Blessed Day Everybody!!
“But no one can tame the tongue; it is a restless evil and full of deadly poison. With it we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the likeness of God; from the same mouth come both blessing and cursing. My brethen, these things ought not to be this way!.. “
James 3: 8-10


4 thoughts on “Mom’s morning "photo shoot"!”

  1. I love it!!!! It makes me feel like we’re normal!!! I’m glad we’re not the only ones that deal with stuff like that! They both look so beautiful anyway!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!!!Love,Buffi

  2. Life is hard, isn’t it? we too deal with the same, we too do the same! Just when you think you have it under your belt it rears its ugly head again. Agh!!

  3. your baby girlz are georgeous!I can’t believe you got that hair up in piggytails……..i can’t even do it on my neice with long hair………..LOLwho is gonna do Macie’s hair?????

  4. Faith is such a dumpling in her piggy tails! I love it! Yes, when Quan is in his emperor-mode, I tell him “You just need some Jesus, don’t you buddy?” Of course he has no idea what I’m saying! We all just need Jesus! This road would not be possible without Him!Thanks for a cute post Keisha! I needed the light-heartedness!Love,Laine

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