And, we’re back!!!

Hey everybody!!
Yes, we are back and feeling like normal…again! LOL! Jet-lag is rough! Thank goodness it only lasts a few days! We are so glad to be back home with our babies…

Thanks to all of you who prayed for us while we were on our journey! We could feel your prayers! (As I’ve said before)
Faith is doing very well, adjusting to her new family. She’s had a few restless nights, but nothing we can’t handle. We are trying to teach her how to “self-soothe”. We think she was used to a warm body next to her, cause if she wakes up any little bit…she has a time trying to fall back to sleep. When she first met Cobie, our inside dog, she didn’t like him..Terrified..is more like it. But, now she is warming up to him.
We went riding on the farm yesterday, we have a new baby donkey! We just had to go see it! Faith loves the outdoors. Just like the rest of the bunch! LOL! However, riding on the gator is way too close to the cows for her. We have to ride in the truck. LOL!
We are trying to figure out her eating habits. She eats NO MEAT! She likes..eggs, noodles, apple juice, milk, and ANY KIND OF JUNK FOOD! LOL! We’ll have to work on this. Her language is also picking up. She repeats almost everything she sees, and she’s beginning to repeat words. She knows how to say…NO, mama, baba, daddy, Brought-Brought, Bye, & Hey! We are so proud of her & are so Thankful to God for another blessing to our family!!
Well, gotta go for now…it’s breakfast time…eggs anyone???
check out these before and after shots!! The top one was taken the first of the year and sent to us. The one on the bottom was taken while we were in China! God is Good!




4 thoughts on “And, we’re back!!!”

  1. Keisha,I’m so glad you guys are home and Faith is adjusting so well!! We look forward to watching her grow into your family!!! What a precious family you are!!! I hope we can meet you one day!! Have a wonderful weekend. We leave in 3 days!! Can’t wait!Love,Buffi

  2. Keisha, I enjoyed keeping up with you all while you were in China! Your posts were so spirit-filled and I could feel the love of Jesus oozing out your family! A friend of mine compared waiting to adopt like a wedding: We make so many plans and preparations for the big day, we wait and wait, we work so hard to be ready for the big day…Then the big day comes and it’s glorious…and then the REAL work begins!Do you agree? 🙂I can’t wait for the BIG DAY, and then the Kingdom Work that will begin!Love,Laine

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