See this……… this is GOD at Work!!!

Meet my friend Merideth & her new daughter Reese. This is one of her photo’s from “Gotcha Day” which was yesterday! I recognized Reese on a waiting child list last year, she looked liked the same little girl at Hope Foster Home. I contacted the China coordinator and told her “I believe this is the same child at Hope Foster Home”. She verified it & said there was someone reviewing her file and would I mind if this person contacted me if they wanted too. I, of course, said “SURE”! I had been praying for and looking at the children from Hope Foster Home for quite some time & at the possibility of any of them finding a home I was just overjoyed!!!

Merideth contacted me & she & I have been friends since!!! I’m just so excited for this family and wanted to share it with everybody!!! Please pray for Merideth, Reese and her daughter Kendall, as they stay in China! Pray that Reese will continue to bond with her mommy and sister! WOW! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!

You can follow along on their journey by clicking on the “Journey to Reese” on my side bar!!

Love & Praise!!!!!!



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