Happy 6th Birthday Baby Boy

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I can’t believe my baby boy is already “6” yrs. old. Where does the time go? They grow up so fast. Matt & I are truly blessed to have Broughton and McKenna in our lives. They bring us so much Joy. We have also recently discovered that our children are quiet the comedians. They are soo funny & sometimes they don’t mean to be. Just yesterday at lunch we were talking about having a Pirate Party for Broughton with just the 4 of us…(before the real party on Sat.). McKenna heard what we said and she shouts out in the DQ….Yeah, and we’ll say ARGH, MATTES. Keep in mind she is only 3, and where she heard that from I’ll never know. “Out of the mouth’s of babe’s” Matt & I just busted out laughing.
When I look at Broughton today I just smile in amazement…to think just 6yrs ago he was a TINY 5lb. little thing. Matt was concerned with his size, he was so small & everybody that saw him would say ” oh, he’s so tiny” Matt’s ears would perk-up and he would say…oh no, look at those hands…..their pretty big. He really couldn’t stand for people to say that. Don’t worry daddy…I think he’s grown out of it. He is such a chunk. He eventually grew into those hands & is quickly growing out of his pants….he JUST got for Christmas. LOL.
Thank you God for this precious little Boy.


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